HOW Design Live!


I am incredibly lucky to have an employer that truly values professional development¬†–¬†so much so that they sent me and two of my co-workers to Chicago to attend HOW Design Live!


I wasn’t quite prepared for how amazing this conference was. The expo floor and swag was great…of course…designers. But the speakers – out of sight! I attended mostly sessions on the “In-House Management” track, and I left each and every one energized and full of ideas about how to optimize my team. Two of my favorite sessions were by Amanda Froehlich of The Hive and Tim Cox of Publix.

However, the speaker who really stole my heart was Matteo Bologna. Yes, he’s a type superstar but he’s also hilarious and his accent is dreamy. I tweeted my love of his talk (and some sass about his man bun) and almost fainted when I got this:



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