Happy New Year!

The combination of the new year and a few days off lead me to finally add a bunch of new work to the site. I’m going to write a bit about some of the pieces in the next few days, but in the meantime I thought I’d write a quick little post about a couple of pieces I chose NOT to feature on the portfolio section of my site. Oh how hard it is to choose what to feature and what not to! (And in what order, oy vey.)

Kids Central Station: NYC Phone booth and banner ad campaign


This was a quickie project I worked on this summer. Kids Central Station is a website where you can search for classes and events for kids in NYC by neighborhood, price, age group, etc. Nothing else like it currently exists and it is SUCH a great resource for parents in the city. We wanted to keep the ads fun, cheerful and bright, yet sophisticated. The challenge was making everything work on the various (many, many, many) banner ad shapes and sizes AND on the huge phone booth poster.


Caitlin & Galen’s Wedding Invite


Oh, I loved how this turned out, but unfortunately this piece uses the same script face that I used in ANOTHER wedding invite this year (see here) and I just can feature both invites in my portfolio. I designed Dante & Christina’s invite first, falling completely in love with that script face Lavanderia. It certainly was not my intention to use Lavanderia on both invites, and I didn’t think it would be an issue since Caitlin seemed to be leaning towards an all-sans-serif-all-caps kind of a look. But when she started asking to see script faces and didn’t like any of the ones I was suggesting I thought…”Hmmmm…maybe Lavanderia?” Of course Caitlin loved it. Caitlin’s sister did the painting we used on the back and around the edges of the RSVP card. I think the gold foil and hunter green envelope are really lovely together.

Also, this wedding was a BLAST! They had a photo booth with an 80’s laser school photo background (remember those?). This is me with my handsome date for the evening, Chris:



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