I recently worked on a really fun branding project for a completely nerdy event called DataFest. DataFest is a competition for undergrads where teams of students spend a weekend extracting “insight from a rich and complex data set.” Basically, they give these super smart math students some big data (last year it was the millions of matches complied by eHarmony) and then ask them to use or analyze the data in different ways. The data is all real, so the real-world significance is immediate. It’s totally cool…though above my own personal math abilities. I was happy to help these folks out with a logo, though. THAT I can do. Check it out:


In the spirit of finding hidden treasure in the data, I (with the expertise of my friend who is a Smith College professor) embedded a message in the logo. Anyone familiar with ACSII code would see that the “data” in the DataFest logo says “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.” And then we took it one step further. The purple highlighted numbers spell out “ESTDATAF,” which is just DataFest all jumbled up. I would never be able to pick any of that out myself, but I’m so psyched to know that it’s there!

Along with the logo I designed some t-shirts for staff and participants and a quickie WordPress theme.


The Five College DataFest is this weekend in Amherst, MA and I wish all of the students participating the best of luck!

Oh, and because it’s always interesting to see where things could have gone, here are a couple of alternate ideas for the logo:



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