Christmas is coming…

We moved from Brooklyn to rural PA 9 months ago and it has been a real whirlwind. How is it already December? I’ve had a full plate over those nine months, between getting settled up here and taking on some really interesting and exciting projects.

I’ll be posting more about those soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of my little family finding and cutting down our own Christmas tree:

Tom saws while Barbara Jean directs

Emily and Barbara Jean


It’s an incredibly large Charlie Brown tree. Both too much tree and not quite enough tree at the same time. It has character.

While decorating it we listened to two of our favorite holiday albums on vinyl: Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart and Willie Nelson’s Pretty Paper. We are IN the holiday spirit!

Christmas in the Heart Pretty Paper

My kiddo loves to get into my French Paper sample books!

new work – responsive site

Newly live: the first responsive site I built from scratch! I also designed the identity for this really cool company that helps young people with learning disabilities and other “diverse thinkers” become independent. Check ‘em out.

Porter & Dolly

I love this for so many reasons (what a Nudie Suit, Porter!), but I’m posting it here because of that pretty script face. That’s some classy country.

some new work

Hey y’all, two new websites that I designed are up:

The fabulous theater director and teacher NATHAN BREWER’s site



I also designed the logo for The Secret Garden, which is the show the LIMTF is presenting this year. Lotsa theater work lately…almost makes that NYU degree in drama worthwhile!

How GREAT is the cover of The New York Times Magazine today?!? What fantastic typography! I kinda want to frame it…

the flanks get a makeover.

My husband’s country band, The Flanks, are my oldest client. I was designing for the Flanks before I was officially calling myself a designer. When I worked on their first album, I had just completed a few continuing ed classes at SVA. When I was designing their second album I was in my first few weeks of full-time design school at Pratt. As they’ve grown and refined their skills as a band, I’ve grown and refined my skills as a designer. We’ve been getting better together.

The Flanks just released their third album, Pair of Rosemaries, this past weekend, and I got to unveil a whole new look for the band. New album, new t-shirts, and new website. This was a LOT of fun for me. The Flanks are an interesting challenge because though they are a country band, they shy away from anything too “yee-haw.” No whisky bottles, cowboy hats, or western fonts allowed. I’m constantly looking for ways to convey their quirky-country-ness in a subtle way.

One of my favorite solutions was the plant growing out of the horn image that was featured on the old t-shirts, and is now being used on the website. It’s funny, kinda pretty, and a little weird. It is so very Flanksy.

Pair of Rosemaries is definitely the Flanks best offering yet, and I highly recommend popping over to to give it a listen. You can hear the whole thing (as well as the previous two albums) for free on the “albums” page. Do it!

T-shirt model: John Henry Boudreaux, Bigtime Flanks Fan

I just ran across these cross-stitch patterns I designed a few years ago…made me giggle. 🙂

rex arts website up!

The website I designed and built for Recreational Arts, Inc is up and running. Check it out!

the curiosity shoppe at target

The Curiosity Shoppe at Target